Observatories mainly consist of a dome and a telescope. The dome has to be rotating with a single central opening, so that it could be turned in each cardinal direction.

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Observatorio Sirius 2.3m Home Model with walls

The 2.3m Observatory is suitable if you have a 14" SC- or RC-Telescope. With sufficiently place for ..

12 014,68€ Veroton: 9 689,26€

Observatorio Sirius 3.5m School Model with walls

The School model with a diameter of 3.5m sufficient place for instruments with an opening of up to 6..

21 911,11€ Veroton: 17 670,25€

Observatorio Sirius 5m College Model motorised with walls

In addition to our 2.3 metre Home Model, 3.5m School Model and 6.7m University Models, demand from c..

66 548,03€ Veroton: 53 667,77€

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