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  • Bresser Biolux Touch digitaalinen mikroskooppi

    • Valmistaja: Bresser
    • Tuotekoodi: 5201020
    • Saatavuus: Varastossa
    Garantija 2 gadi
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    289.00€ 339.00€

    Make amazing discoveries in the microcosmos and capture image and video? That is now possible and you don’t need a PC to do it. The digital BRESSER Biolux Touch HDMI microscope is the perfect tool to do it. It is very versatile, ideal for school and hobby. You can easily view the image on the touchscreen.  The integrated, high quality 5MP camera sensor captures images and HD videos directly onto an SD card (SD card not included).

    The camera is controlled via the touch screen with an intuitive and multi language user menu. With two fingers you can zoom in to see even more detail.

    The microscope is also perfect to use in schools, for teaching or seminars. The live stream from the microscope can be viewed on a big monitor or TV screen with the HDMI connection. HDMI will deliver a latency free video stream with a framerate of 30 fps.

    The mechanical crosstable and the coarse and fine focus makes adjusting and screening the sample easy. The 40x objective is sufficient to view small microorganisms and even bacteria, e.g. from a hay infusion. With the additional reflected light you can also view (small) non transparent samples, like plant matter, sand, or insects. The reflected light should be used with the 4x lens. A sample preparation is usually not necessary in this viewing mode, which makes it especially easy for children to get their first glimpse of the micro world.


    • capture images and HD video directly, no PC needed
    • with 5MP Aptina CMOS camera sensor
    • LCD screen with touch and zoom function
    • with fine focus and mechanical crosstable
    • slot for SD card (up to 32GB, not included)
    • Micro HDMI socket
    • USB socket
    • 3 objectives: 4x/10x/40x
    • LED light (transmitted / reflected), dimmable
    • with many accessories


    • microscope with touch screen
    • HDMI cable
    • AC adapter 5V 2A (EU)
    • Set of tools (preparation needles, pipette, tweezers, MikroCut)
    • Artemia set to hatch fairy shrimps
    • case with 5 prepared slides, 10 empty slides and 10 cover glasses
    • dust cover


    Optiset ominaisuudet
    Suurennos: 30 – 1125 x
    Valaistus: Ylä- ja alavalo
    Valaistus: LED
    Muisti: SD ja SDHC-muistikortit (≤ 32 Gt)
    Kameran resoluutio: 5 MP
    Mitat (pituus x leveys x korkeus) (mm): 170 x 140 x 295
    Väri Musta
    Rungon materiaali: Metalli/muovi
    Takuu: 2 vuotta
    Pölysuoja: Kyllä
    Näytelasit: 5 valmista preparaattia, 10 tyhjää preparaattilasia ja 10 kansilevyä
    Objektiivi: 4 x,10 x, 40 x
    Harrastus – amatööri: Kyllä
    Biologia: Kyllä
    Koulutus: Kyllä
    Suositeltu käyttötarkoitus:
    Lapset: Kyllä
    Aloittelijat: Kyllä
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