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  • XTAR SC2 akkulaturi

    • Valmistaja: XTAR
    • Tuotekoodi: XTARSC2
    • Saatavuus: Varastossa
    Garantija 2 gadi

    • 2 independent charging channels
    • Processor-controlled three-stage charging process TC/CC/CV
    • High charging current- 2X 2a/3X 1a
    • Powered by any micro USB Charger (recommended WITH QC 3.0)
    • Compact size-Easy to carry
    • Reactivation function of deeply discharged cells
    • Protection: Short-circuit, thermal, reverse polarity

    In a small enclosure, a fully professional processor loader with a three-stage charging process TC/CC/CVis concealed. It loads 3.6/3, 7V Li-ion cells with any capacity in sizes 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22650, 25500, 26650.

    What Is THE TC/CC/CV charging method? It is a three-step process of loading Li-ion cells to keep the cell in good condition by charging the right current at each stage and completing the charging process at the right moment.
    The various stages of the TC/CC/CV process are:
    • TC phase: Cells discharged below 2, 9V are ’ awake ’ to lower currents.
    • CC phase: When 2, 9V is reached, the cell is loaded with a constant current of 2x2A/1x3A.
    • CV phase: When the cell is already nearly charged, the charger switches to a decreasing current charge until it reaches a voltage of 4, 2V on the cell. After reaching 4, 2V the charging process is complete-the battery is fully charged.

    Batteries with a voltage of 4, 1V or higher are treated by the charger as charged. To recharge such a full battery, please insert it into the charger before powering it in. When left in the charger, the charged batteries will be subjected to a natural self-discharge process. Charging will resume when the battery voltage drops below 4, 1V.

    The Xtar SC2 Charger has a function of reactivating deeply discharged cells and cells with a Voltage Of 0v. Many chargers on the market are not able to charge such batteries. Here with the help comes the charger Xtar SC2, which in many cases allows you to ’ resave ’ such cells. Just insert a deeply discharged battery into the SC2 charger, as with normal charging, the charger detects the unloaded link and attempts to reactivate it. Attention! Cells unloaded below a certain level are irreversible and reactivated may not be possible. Avoid too deep discharge of Li-ion batteries-this can lead to a significant reduction in their durability and capacity or to their total malfunction.

    Chargers from other manufacturers can significantly increase the temperature of the cells being charged during charging. Excessive heating of the cells can cause them to wear more quickly. When designing a SC2 charger, Xtar went one step further from the competition, solving this problem easily: the power from an external power supply was applied. This allows the temperature of the SC2 rechargeable battery to increase by up to 15 degrees.

    Supplied with Xtar SC2 charger, we get a micro USB cable. The power supply is not Included In the set. Any charger with a micro USB cable, for example, is enough to power the charger. Phone, or USB port or a computer with a free USB socket. The recommended minimum charger power is 2A).

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