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  • Browning 2021 Strike Force HD Max Plus riistakamera

    • Valmistaja: Browning
    • Tuotekoodi: BTC5HDMXP
    • Saatavuus: 1 - 3 viikkoa
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Tekniset tiedot
    Virtalähde: 6 AA-paristot (ladattava NiMH, litium- tai alkaliparisto)
    LEDien käyttämä aallonpituus: Näkyvä
    Havaintoetäisyys: 24 m
    Irrotettava tallennusväline: SDHC (≤ 512 GB)
    Katselukulma: 40°
    Anturin laukaisuaika: 0.135
    Taajuusalue: Ei mitään
    Valo- ja videokuvausominaisuudet
    Valokuvan resoluutio (pikseliä): 20MP / 8MP / 4MP / 2MP
    Sarjakuvaus: 1 - 8
    Videon tarkkuus: 900p FULL HD (30 fps)
    Videon pituus: 5 - 120 s
    Mitat (pituus x leveys x korkeus) (mm): 65.3 x 76 x 108
    Väri Naamiointi
    Ohjelmisto: Browning Buck Watch Time Lapse Viewer Software

    Browning 2021 Strike Force MAX PLUS
    The Browning Strike Force MAX PLUS is - together with the Browning Dark Ops MAX PLUS - the new entry-level model from the Browning 2021 series! The only difference lies in the flash mechanism. Just like all Strike Force models, the Strike Force MAX PLUS is equipped with a visible infrared flash, which ensures that the images are a bit more exposed at night. Both the flash- and detection range are adjustable. This comes in handy when you expect an animal to come close by the camera (e.g. when aiming at a bait or a bird’s nest). Additionally, the detection speed is adjustable; from 0.135 to 0.7 seconds. With tricks like these, you can connect your camera trap even more specifically to your desired goal. Additional specifications of the Browning Strike Force MAX PLUS are:

    Detection range of 24 meters (adjustable)
    Flash range of 30 meters (adjustable)
    Maximum photo resolution of 20MP (interpolated)
    900p HD video resolution
    Dynamic video function
    Multilangual user interface
    Capture timer, with which you can select a custom time frame to capture events

    Browning 2021 Strike Force MAX PLUS | Appearance
    The Browning Strike Force MAX PLUS has an extremely compact housing with a camouflage print. The camera trap is equipped with a cover on the lower half of the front where the settings need to be entered. The AA-batteries (6 pieces) go into a special battery slide, underneath the camera trap. When using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, the camera trap can last a very long time! This model does not have an internal color viewer that allows you to review captured images or videos directly in the field, or to assist you in aiming the lens of the camera trap optimally. If you prefer an internal color viewer, have a look at the Browning Spec Ops Elite HP4 or the Browning Recon Force Elite HP4.

    Browning 2021 Strike Force MAX PLUS | Benefits
    + very fast detection- and recovery time (0.135s/0.5s)
    + intuitive menu settings
    + very long battery life
    + SD card management

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