• Yukon NVMT Spartan 2x24 monokkeli

Yukon NVMT Spartan 2x24 monokkeli

  • Valmistaja: Yukon
  • Tuotekoodi: 24121
  • Saatavuus: 1 - 2 viikkoa
  • (Toimitus on saatavilla/mahdollista vain Latviassa ja Suomessa)
  • 244,00€

  • Veroton: 201,65€

Jotta tilauksesi ehtii Suomeen ennen joulukuun 24. päivää (jouluaattoa), suosittelemme, että:
  • Tarkistat, että saatavuustilanne verkkokaupassamme on "Varastossa"
  • Teet tilauksesi viimeistään 17. joulukuuta 2018 (viikkoa ennen jouluaattoa).

Compact night vision monoculars NVMT Spartan are designed for nighttime observation and orientation. Device’s most prominent feature is the extra powerful built-in IR Illuminator increasing viewing range up to 2-2.5 times. The IR Illuminator enables observation in lowlight conditions and even complete darkness. Use of additional accessories makes the NVMT Spartan especially versatile. With the help of adapters you can take pictures and shoot video clips; changeable lenses will increase magnification of your device. The wide field of view makes the NVMT Spartan 2x24 perfect for observation in the open space and comfortable viewing of dynamic objects. The NVMT is an excellent choice for general observation and home security.

IR Illuminator
The extra powerful built-in IR Illuminator enables observation in lowlight conditions (no Moon or stars) and even complete darkness (in a fully isolated room, basement etc.).


The NVMT Spartan night vision monoculars combine enhanced ergonomics, optimal size/weight ratio and high quality optics. The soft coating ensures reliable grip and protects against environmental effects (moisture, dust etc.). The lens cap can be stored on the backside of the body which prevents it from being lost. Handy layout of operation buttons is another obvious advantage of the NVMT Spartan series.


Image Tube Generation 1
Magnification, x 2
Lens Diameter, mm 24
Resolution, lines/mm 36
Field of View, degree 25
Diopter Adjustment, D +/-4
Range of Detection, m 120
Power Supply, V 3 (1xCR123A)
Tripod Mount, inch 1/4
Length, mm 142
Width, mm 82
Height, mm 60
Weight, kg 0.38


Package contents:

  • NVMT Spartan 2x24 Unit
  • Сarrying Case
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

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