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  • University of Oxford 7 33-osainen mikroskooppisetti

    • Valmistaja: Bresser
    • Tuotekoodi: 9203000
    • Saatavuus: 1 - 3 viikkoa
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Optiset ominaisuudet
    Rakenteen tyyppi: Monokkeli
    Suurennos: 100x / 300x / 600x
    Valaistus: Lähetetty valo
    LED-valot: 1
    Mitat (pituus x leveys x korkeus) (mm): 100 x 60 x 190
    Väri Sininen
    Akut/paristot: 2x LR41
    Käyttöopas: Kyllä
    Biologia: Kyllä
    Koulutus: Kyllä
    Suositeltu käyttötarkoitus:
    Lapset: Kyllä
    Aloittelijat: Kyllä

    You don’t have to be an astronaut to discover new worlds! This UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD children’s microscope set allows you to discover the microcosmos here on earth. You can start your journey of discovery immediately after unpacking with the pre-prepared specimen. Simply place the specimen slide onto the stage and get started! You can then start your journey of discovery and collect your own samples. Feathers, hair or muddy water from the garden pond: The diverse range of accessories allow you to prepare things from your surroundings for your microscope with ease. Don’t forget to take a first, second and third look into the eyepiece, as the children’s microscope features three different zoom levels: 100x, 300x and 600x. As you will see for yourself, everything looks different at 100x zoom compared with 300x or 600x zoom.

    Built-in light for illuminating your specimens

    No matter which type of microscope you use, you won’t see anything if it’s too dark. Fortunately, this microscope features an LED that illuminates your samples so that you can view them at any time. The light illuminates the specimen from below. This type of microscope is therefore called a transmitted light microscope. When preparing your specimen slide, you must always check that the specimen is transparent or sufficiently thin to ensure that the light reaches your eye from below, allowing you to see the many hidden details that are not normally visible. If there is enough light from your surroundings, you can try using the mirror to illuminate your sample. You can keep moving it until it directs the light through your sample, just as scientists used to do in the past.

    View your surroundings in stunning detail with the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD children’s microscope!


    • Children’s microscope with up to 600x magnification
    • Ready for immediate use thanks to wide range of accessories and pre-prepared specimen
    • 3 magnification levels: 100x, 300x, 600x
    • Illumination via mirror or battery-powered LED


    • Microscope with up to 600x magnification
    • 12x Cover glass
    • 12x Labels
    • 4x Slides
    • 1x Pre-prepared specimen
    • 2x Sample holders
    • 1x lens (3x magnification)
    • 2x LR41 batteries
    • Instruction manual

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