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Bresser 25cm pöytäjalusta

The BRESSER table-tripod with its height of 24 cm is a lot more versatile than one might t..

11,27€ Veroton: 9,09€

Yukon 100x digitaalinen kameran sovitin

The Yukon 100x digital camera adapter is for taking pictures with digital cameras through&..

33,82€ Veroton: 27,27€

Fotomate VP-106 Tripod

The Fotomate VP-106 tripod provides an economical platform for video cameras, DSLR’s and c..

40,99€ Veroton: 33,06€

Yukon 6-100x100

The included 6-100×100 Table Top Tripod is a high-steady and small size device. It is equipped with ..

46,12€ Veroton: 37,19€

Fotomate VT-5006 tripod

The Fotomate VT-5006 medium-duty tripod is suitable for video cameras, DSLR’s and com..

59,44€ Veroton: 47,93€

Celestron NexYZ kolmiakselinen yleissovitin älypuhelimille

“US and International Patents Pending”NexYZ fits any eyepiece from 35 mm to 60 mm in diameter i..

64,56€ Veroton: 52,07€

Bresser Deluxe digitaalinen kameran sovitin

With this deluxe camera adapter, you can attach your camera to any spotting..

73,79€ Veroton: 59,50€

Helios Evolution 9569AC kolmijalka

A good quality tripod offering an economically priced platform for spotting scopes up to 100 mm in d..

73,79€ Veroton: 59,50€

Fotomate VT-6006 kolmijalka

The Fotomate VT-6006 heavy-duty tripod is suitable for video cameras, DSLR’s and..

74,81€ Veroton: 60,33€

Yukon spotting scope video attachment

The Yukon spotting scope video attachment is designed to enhance your observation experien..

98,38€ Veroton: 79,34€

Bresser BR-3 - 3kg 1395mm kolmijalka

This solid, height adjustable field tripod of 1395 mm is suitable for all spotti..

100,43€ Veroton: 80,99€

Helios Horizon 8115 kolmijalka

This robustly constructed model combines excellent stability, with precise control, and is ideal for..

122,98€ Veroton: 99,17€

Celestron Alt-Azimuth kolmijalka

The Celestron Heavy-Duty Alt-Azimuth Tripod is really useful when you want to do hands-fre..

137,32€ Veroton: 110,74€

Celestron TrailSeeker kolmjalg

The Celestron TrailSeeker was designed to be your perfect tripod.  It is lightweight&..

147,57€ Veroton: 119,01€

Fotomate VT-680-222R tripod

The Fotomate VT-680-222R is an excellent, professional standard tripod for video..

235,70€ Veroton: 190,08€

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