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  • National Geographic -miniprojektori

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    Get ready for an exciting journey of discovery into space! The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 2-in-1 space projector and night light will take you to see astronauts, the planets and more. The 24 astronomy image on 3 slides give you a close-up view of the fascinating history of space travel. View snapshots of satellites, rockets and the famous space shuttles, or watch astronauts at work on the moon or in zero gravity. As you'd expect, the space projector also projects images of well-known celestial objects: Marvel at the red hot sun or the unmistakable planet of Saturn with its rings made of ice and rocks.

    Your quick route into space - the space project for children

    Once you've found a new home for your projector, you can start your journey right away! Important: Ensure that the space projector is positioned at the correct distance from the wall or ceiling. For sharp images, this distance should be between 1.8 and 2 metres. If the image is still blurred, simply turn the focusing wheel on the front until everything is in focus. The projection surface of approximately 48 x 57 cm will display an image of an astronaut, a satellite, the sun or one of the other themes. You can then turn the slide to switch to the next space-themed image.
    Once you have finished your journey through space, you can press a button on the projector to convert it into a night light and send your little one off to sleep dreaming about astronauts!

    Look forward to an exciting journey through space - with the convertible NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 2-in-1 space projector and night light.


    • Projector for children with 24 astronomical images
    • Optimal distance to wall/ceiling: approx. 1.8 m - 2 m
    • Projection area: Approx. 48 x 57 cm at a distance of 2 m
    • Focus wheel
    • 3 slides, each of which has 8 space-themed images of astronauts, space shuttles and satellites as well as the sun, moon and planets
    • Built-in night light
    • Power supply: 3x AG13 button cells (included)
    • For children aged 6 and above


    • 2-in-1 projector with night light
    • Removable stand
    • 3 slide disks with 8 astronomy-themed images
    • 3x AG13 button cells
    • Instruction manual
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