• Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P F/750 (OTA) kaukoputki

The powerful parabolic Newtonian Explorer 150 P is a very good telescope for the advanced beginner and also a transportable second telescope. 150mm aperture gather 450x more light than the naked human eye. Faint galaxies and nebulae become visible! The diffraction-limited precise main mirror is also a good choice for successful lunar and planetary observations. Due to the reflective optics priciple, the images are free from false colour and full of contrast. The 2" Crayford focuser allows using 2" eyepieces and also coma correctors for photography. With the standard 1.25" adapter, normal eyepieces can of course also be used.

-- Powerful and diffraction limited parabolic main mirror

-- Keeps precise collimation by robust metal cell for main- and secondary mirror

-- Improved 2" metal focuser for 2", T2 and 1.25" accessories

-- Enough back focus e.g. for (D)SLR cameras

-- High-contrast images by thin secondary spider vanes

-- 6x30 optical viewfinder for quick target aquisition

-- Clampshell with 1/4" thread for piggyback camera mount

-- Fast f/5 system - ideal for astro photography

-- 2x 1,25" RK Okulare - 25mm and 10mm

Tyyppi: Peilikaukoputki
Rakenteen tyyppi: Newton-kaukoputki parabolisella peilillä
Aukon halkaisija (mm): 150
Aukon suhde: f/5
Suurennustehot (okulaarein): 30 x, 60 x, 75 x, 150 x
Polttoväli (mm): 750
Suurin hyödyllinen suurennusteho: 300 x
Valonkeräysteho: 459 x
Erottelukyky: 0.77
Rajoittava tähtimagnitudi (mag): 12.7
Tarkennin: 1.25''
Yhteys (okulaariin): 2'' tai 1,25''
Barlow-linssi: 2 x
1,25'' okulaarit: 10 mm, 25 mm
Etsin: 6 x 30

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Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P F/750 (OTA) kaukoputki

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