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SkyWatcher T-ring Canon

T2-Ring as connecting piece between SLR camera and camera adapter. Made entirely of metal. These T-r..

16,40€ Veroton: 13,22€

Bresser T-rengas Pentax S

This T Ring is suitable to attach your Pentax camera to any telescope with same thread...

18,45€ Veroton: 14,88€

Bresser Canon EOS T2-ring

Connect your BRESSER Microscope or Telescope with a Canon EOS SLR camera and tak..

18,96€ Veroton: 15,29€

Bresser Nikon T2 ring

Connect your telescope with a Nikon camera and take images or videos of your observed..

18,96€ Veroton: 15,29€

Celestron Canon EOS T-ring

A T-Ring is one of the first accessories you will need if you want to take pictures through a telesc..

27,67€ Veroton: 22,31€

Sky-Watcher L-bracket

L-bracket for mounting DSLR's, Video Cameras, Spotting Scopes etc via a standard 1/4-20 screw attach..

30,74€ Veroton: 24,79€

OVL 2" T-ring adapter

Designed for use in telescopes with 2" focusers. Threaded to accept standard photographic T-Mounts. ..

32,79€ Veroton: 26,45€

Celestron 1.25" universal Barlow and T-adapter

This 1.25” accessory can be used three ways: as a 2X Barlow for visual use, as a..

37,92€ Veroton: 30,58€

Bresser T-rengas Sony

This T Ring is suitable to attach your Sony camera to any telescope with same thread...

42,02€ Veroton: 33,88€

Bresser T-ring Minolta 7000

This T Ring is suitable to attach your Minolta camera to any telescope with same thread...

42,02€ Veroton: 33,88€

Omegon Cam-Tel adapter

Omegon Camera Adapter, 1.25”- An adapter for focal plane and eyepiece projection imagingThis camera ..

51,24€ Veroton: 41,32€

TS Optics 0,5x 1.25” polttoventtiili

Focal Reducer, 0.5X, for Observing and Imaging:This focal reducer lowers the focal length ..

59,34€ Veroton: 47,85€

Meade 0.63x vähennys/korjain

For CCD, photographic, and visual applications. Series 4000 f/6.3 Focal Reducer/Field Fla..

127,07€ Veroton: 102,48€

TS Optics F/6.3 polttoventtiili

TS Optics f/6.3 Reducer and Corrector for Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes This high-quality..

137,32€ Veroton: 110,74€

Unihedron Photometer Sky Quality meter with lens

Sky Quality Meter - Easy determination of the brightness of the night skyUsing the Sky Quality Meter..

156,79€ Veroton: 126,45€

SkyWatcher Off-Axis kohdistaja

Designed for use with DSLR and CCD cameras, this low profile Off-Axis guider is a convenient alterna..

160,89€ Veroton: 129,75€

Celestron vähennysventtiili/korjain f/6.3

This combination focal reducer and field corrector lens accessory works with all..

168,07€ Veroton: 135,54€

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