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HCM Kinzel Glow 3D stars

Just stick the stars on the walls or ceiling and fill your room with a glowing night sky. Expos..

9,22€ Veroton: 7,44€

National Geographic compass

This sturdy compass with a centimetre and a measuring scale has a floating 360° scale and ..

11,17€ Veroton: 9,01€

Novoflex Bluewrap S stretch wrapping cloth

The new, very light wrapping cloths for every purpose of blue neoprene stretch material, s..

16,29€ Veroton: 13,14€

Novoflex Bluewrap M stretch wrapping cloth

The new, very light wrapping cloths for every purpose of blue neoprene stretch material, s..

24,49€ Veroton: 19,75€

Sonstige Authentic NWA 6963 Mars meteorite

Give someone a real piece of Mars - surprise acquaintances, friends and relatives on ..

27,57€ Veroton: 22,23€

Sky-Watcher dual LED flashlight

An essential piece of kit for all amateur astronomers. This compact and lightweight torch feature tw..

30,74€ Veroton: 24,79€

Omegon Bumbag for eyepieces

Equipped with a pre-cut foam interior, the bag has room for up to seven 1.25” eyepiec..

42,94€ Veroton: 34,63€

Celestron PowerSeeker lisävarustesetti

The Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Kit is a great way to expand the enjoyment of your tel..

63,54€ Veroton: 51,24€

Celestron AstroMaster -lisävarustesetti

AstroMaster -lisävarustesetti on suunniteltu to lisäämään Celestron-teleskooppisi käyttöystävällisyy..

110,68€ Veroton: 89,26€

Sky-Watcher aluminium carrying case for 150mm and 127mm Maksutov

Skywatcher Transport Case for Skymax 150 Maksutov-Cassegrain and similar telescopes.The high-quality..

122,98€ Veroton: 99,17€

Astrozap Light Shroud for 16 Inch Skywatcher Dobson

Made from light weight breathable black fabric. One ABS band prevent's shroud from obstructing the l..

143,47€ Veroton: 115,70€

Unihedron Photometer Sky Quality meter with lens

Sky Quality Meter - Easy determination of the brightness of the night skyUsing the Sky Quality Meter..

156,79€ Veroton: 126,45€

Omegon eyepiece and accessories case

Omegon eyepiece case - the big case for a great start in astronomyEvery telescope needs accessories ..

229,55€ Veroton: 185,12€

Celestron 1.25" eyepiece and filter kit

The Celestron 1.25” Eyepiece and Filter Kit is a great way to expand the functionality and enjoyment..

270,55€ Veroton: 218,18€

Sky-Watcher SynGuider autoguider

Equipped with a Sony CCD image sensor and the real-time star image display screen, SynGuider can wor..

332,03€ Veroton: 267,77€

Celestron CPC (HD Pro) heavy duty wedge

Celestron's HD Pro Wedge is designed to support our fork mounted Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes up to..

572,86€ Veroton: 461,98€

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