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  • TS Optics Plössl 17mm (1.25”) okulaari

    • Valmistaja: TS Optics
    • Tuotekoodi: TSP17
    • Saatavuus: Varastossa
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Polttoväli (mm): 17
    Näennäinen näkökenttä (°): 50
    Yhteys (kaukoputkeen): 1.25"

    Top Offer! TS Optics 17 mm Plössl Eyepiece with 1.25" barrel size
    A good Plössl eyepiece outperforms a simple Kellner. Through bulk purchase, we can offer this type of eyepiece at a price for which you would get only more simple eyepieces elsewhere. Nevertheless, the features are quite impressive.

    The 17 mm Plössl is a fine all-round eyepiece, it delivers a good performance on planets, but also when viewing nebulae and galaxies. It is often chosen for binoviewers, too, due to the very good ease of view.

    Areas of application of Plössl eyepieces:
    Through the four-element design, the Plössl is a true all-rouder. It does not introduce an additional chromatic aberration to the system, in opposite to more simple eyepieces with fewer elements. As a consequence, these eyepieces can be very well used for observing moon and planets with higher magnifications.

    At lower magnifications, Plössl eyepieces are well suited for observing nebulae, star clusters and galaxies, they convince with a field of view relatively free of distortion.

    Astrophotographers can also work well with Plössl eyepieces, as they are well suited for eyepiece projection. The MgF2 coating prevents disturbing reflections and provide good contrast.

    However, many projection adapters are too narrow for the Plössl eyepieces with 32 or 40 mm focal length.


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