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Take photos with your smartphone through your spotting scope, microscope or telescope. It’s a child'..

47,00€ Veroton: 38,84€

Sky-Watcher Heritage-76 3” f/300 kaukoputki

The Sky-Watcher Heritage-76 has been specially designed to celebrate the International Yea..

83,00€ Veroton: 68,60€

Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 AZ-2 kaukoputkiSky-Watcher Mercury 607 AZ-2 kaukoputki

Sky-Watcher Mercury 607 AZ-2 kaukoputki

The highly affordable Sky-Watcher Mercury-607 allows the younger user to take their first ..

99,90€ 112,69€ Veroton: 82,56€

Sky-Watcher Mercury 707 AZ2 kaukoputkiSky-Watcher Mercury 707 AZ2 kaukoputki

Sky-Watcher Mercury 707 AZ2 kaukoputki

Mercury-707 on merkittävä edistysaskel Mercury-607:n jälkeen, mitä tulee optiseen laatuun ja suoritu..

119,00€ 142,00€ Veroton: 98,35€

Celestron AstroMaster 70 AZ kaukoputkiCelestron AstroMaster 70 AZ kaukoputki

Celestron AstroMaster 70 AZ kaukoputki

If you’re looking for a dual-purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celest..

138,00€ 154,00€ Veroton: 114,05€

Sky-Watcher Capricorn 70/900 EQ1 kaukoputki

The Capricorn-70 is a classic two-element, air-spaced achromatic refractor telescope of very good qu..

140,00€ Veroton: 115,70€

Skywatcher N 100/400 Heritage DOB kaukoputki

The compact Heritage-100P is a lightweight telescope mounted on a compact Dobsonian base for conveni..

150,00€ Veroton: 123,97€

Sky-Watcher Mercury 70/500 AZ3 kaukoputkiSky-Watcher Mercury 70/500 AZ3 kaukoputki

Sky-Watcher Mercury 70/500 AZ3 kaukoputki

Ideal for Daytime Terrestrial Observations as well as Deep-Sky Astronomical Use. The Sky-Watcher Mer..

159,00€ 185,00€ Veroton: 131,41€

Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 kiikari

Celestron’s SkyMaster Series of large aperture binoculars are a phenomenal value for high ..

184,00€ Veroton: 152,07€

Sky-Watcher Evostar 90/900 AZ3 kaukoputkiSky-Watcher Evostar 90/900 AZ3 kaukoputki

Sky-Watcher Evostar 90/900 AZ3 kaukoputki

Ideal for High Power Daytime Terrestrial Observations as well as Astronomical Use!! Sky-Watcher EVOS..

195,00€ 225,00€ Veroton: 161,16€

Sky-Watcher Skyhawk 1145P EQ1 kaukoputki

The award-winning Sky-Watcher SKYHAWK-1145P is a great choice for the serious beginner and also rece..

205,00€ Veroton: 169,42€

Celestron AstroMaster 90 AZ kaukoputki

If you’re looking for a dual-purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celest..

230,00€ Veroton: 190,08€

Sky-Watcher EQ3-2 ekvatoriaalinen jalusta

The EQ3-2 mount receives high marks from experienced observers. This sturdy mount offers p..

255,00€ Veroton: 210,74€

SkyWatcher Heritage 114P Virtuoso DOB kaukoputki

IDEAL GRAB-AND-GO SCOPE - A PERFECT LIFESTYLE GIFT!The Heritage-114P with its superb parabolic mirro..

270,00€ Veroton: 223,14€

Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P F/750 (OTA) kaukoputki

The powerful parabolic Newtonian Explorer 150 P is a very good telescope for the advanced beginner a..

284,00€ Veroton: 234,71€

Sky-Watcher SkyMax 102/1300 EQ2 kaukoputki

The highly portable SKYMAX-102 EQ2 is ideal for the observation of double-stars, and ..

360,00€ Veroton: 297,52€

Sky-Watcher Skyhawk 1145P SynScan™ AZ GOTO kaukoputki

The exciting Sky-Watcher SynScan™ AZ Computerised GoTo telescopes will allow you to easily find and ..

433,00€ Veroton: 357,85€

Sky-Watcher Explorer-150/750P EQ3-2 kaukoputkiSky-Watcher Explorer-150/750P EQ3-2 kaukoputki

Sky-Watcher Explorer-150/750P EQ3-2 kaukoputki

The Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-150 is a fantastic choice for intermediate astronomers and also the serious..

439,00€ 475,00€ Veroton: 362,81€

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