BRESSER Junior - discover the world through play! More than just a classical microscope. This BRESSER microscope set is robust and versatile. Don't give children a simple toy as a present that soon will lie in a corner. With this microscope set with its extensive range of accessories which allows for an immediate entry into the world of the microcosm, children get so much more than just a simple toy. Promote scientific thinking and stimulate the thirst of knowledge of children. With this microscope children can explore themselves the world of the microcosm and what things are made up of.

Make pictures through the microscope with your own smartphone
With the included smartphone adapter this is going to be child's play! Attach your smarphone onto the littele suction cups of the adapter and place the camera lens in front of the eyepiece. Making pictures of Damit fotografieren Sie kinderleicht das Objekt unter Ihrem Mikroskop.


  • very versatile thanks to combinated incident and transmitted light
  • incident light for observation of non-transparent objects
  • transmitted light for observation of transparent objects
  • universal bracket enables taking pictures with your own smartphone
  • battery power supply and transport case make it very mobile
  • extensive range of accessories for a quick start
  • Microscope
  • transport case
  • smartphone adapter
  • 2 eyepieces (WF10x, WF16x)
  • 3 obective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x)
  • Barlow lens
  • 5 blank slides
  • 5 cover plates
  • Pipette
  • Mountant
  • Microtome
  • breeding kit for shrimps (artemia)
  • 3x AA batteries
  • Manual
Tyyppi rakentaa: Monokulaariset
Tekniset tiedot
Objektiiv: 4 x, 10 x, 40 x
Suurennus: 40 - 1024 x
Paino (g): 2480
Mitat (mm): 100 x 145 x 290 mm
Takuu: 2 vuotta

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Bresser Junior Biolux CA 40x-1024x mikroskooppii älypuhelin sovittimella

  • Valmistaja: Bresser
  • Tuotekoodi: 8855002
  • Saatavuus: 1 - 2 viikkoa
  • 110,00€

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