Like the Bresser Visiomar, the biological microscope Bresser Biorit is designed for the beginning in microscopy, for hobby and study. On the other hand, it has a superior equipment. A part of this is the accu, which is mounted in the microscope base. The accu makes possible a mobile use, as well as the AC adaptor makes possible the located use.

In order to perform the transmitted light illumination, there are a LED, a condenser lens, which is integrated into the microscope stage, and an aperture wheel with 6 different apertures used to achieve fitting light intensity.

The monocular viewing, with its 10x and 16x wide field eyepiece, and the 4x, 10x and 40x objectives result, in conjunction with the 2x Barlow lens, in the total magnification range 20 x - 1280 x. A big dimensioned focusing wheel with grip provides sharp adjusted pictures.

You can observe the samples on your PC monitor with the Bresser MicrOcular II (640 x 480 pixels), which is included. Its software enables you to save and replay your microscope observations.

Observation objects: Microbes, Insects, Plants

Optiset ominaisuudet
Rakenteen tyyppi: Monokkeli
Suurennos: 20 - 1280 x
Valaistus: Välitetty valo
Ohjelmiston yhteensopivuus Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Sähköinen okulaari: 640 x 480 (pikselit)
Sarja: Biorit
Mitat (mm): 200 x 145 x 300
Paino (kg): 1.6
Ohjelmisto: Kyllä
Objektiiv: 4 x, 10 x, 40 x
Okulaari: 5 x, 10 x, 16 x
Sähköinen okulaari: Kyllä
Käyttöopas: Kyllä
Harrastus – amatööri: Kyllä
Biologia: Kyllä
Entomologia: Kyllä
Suositeltu käyttö:
Aloittelijat: Kyllä

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Bresser Biorit 20x-1280x mikroskooppi

  • Valmistaja: Bresser
  • Tuotekoodi: 5101000
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
  • 198,00€
  • 179,00€

  • Veroton: 147,93€