• Yukon Exelon 4x50 monokkeli

  The Exelon 4х50 night vision monocular with a super tube is a professional device with enhanced image quality through the entire field of view. A unique optical arrangement of the objective lens, coupled with a new, specially designed tube of a new type, has contributed to the high resolution and lack of distortion through the entire field of view. This unit operates both in the passive mode (without man-made sources of light) and in the active mode (with the IR illuminator on). The Exelon 4х50 is designed for outdoor observation, guarding and terrain orientation within a wide range of natural night light - from twilight to total darkness. The Exelon has a built-in IR-illuminator intended for use in moonless cloudy conditions in total darkness. The unit is equipped with two 1/4 inch sockets that allow the device to be attached to a head mount and used as a mono goggle. Its surface is rugged for extreme field conditions. The Exelon unit is fully self-contained and can work up to 50 hours on one CR123A battery at temperatures ranging from -30 °C~+ 40 °C.

Optical Arrangement

Due to the spherical shape of the tube’s photo cathode, the device produces enhanced resolution on the entire surface of the screen, measuring from 42 lines/mm in the centre to 32 lines/mm on the edge.

CF-Super Tube

Combination of the tube and 50mm R-Contact objective lens provides crisp and geometrically precise image without distortion even in the peripheral areas of the tube’s screen.


Tube Type CF-Super
Magnification, x 4
Lens Diameter, mm 50
Field of View, degree 13
Range of Detection, m 200
Diopter Adjustment, D ± 4
Resolution, lines per mm: field of view - center 40
Resolution, lines per mm: field of view - edge 32
Power Supply, V 3V (CR123A)
Tripod Mount, inch 1/4 (2 sockets)
Grade of water-resistance IPX4
Dimensions, mm 198x87x60
Weight, kg ≈ 0.5

Package contents:

  • Exelon 4x50 unit
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Cleaning Cloth

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Yukon Exelon 4x50 monokkeli

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