• Kaukoputki Sky-Watcher Astrolux 76/700 AZ-1

The highly affordable Sky-Watcher ASTROLUX allows the younger user to take their first steps into the fascinating world of astronomy. Although similar to many other beginner's reflector telescopes on the market, the Astrolux is supplied with superior 1.25" eyepieces and accessories (not 0.96" or hybrid 1.25") and moreover, the eyepieces have been specially selected to give a much more useful and practical range of magnifications (which are not unrealistically too high!) to enhance your viewing experience. The telescope can be freely moved in both horizontal and vertical axes and is equipped with a micro-adjustment elevation control. Suitable to view the Moon, stars and bright planets and other night sky objects.

Optinen tekniset
Tyyppi: Reflector
Tyyppi rakentaa: Newton
Aukko (mm): 76
Polttoväli (mm): 700
Aukko suhde (f/): 9.2
Max. hyödyllisiä suurennus: x152
Suurennos (Okulaarit mukana): x28, x56, x70, x140
Ratkaiseminen kapasiteetti: 1.51
Limit value (mag): 11.2
Tyyppi: Gear rack
Yhteys: 1.25"
Kolmijalka eritelmä
Asennus: AZ-1
Materiaali: Aluminium
Korkeus (cm): 67-119
Mukana kohdetta
Okulaarit (1.25''): 10mm, 25mm
Barlow linssi: x2
Finderscope: 6x24

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Kaukoputki Sky-Watcher Astrolux 76/700 AZ-1

  • Valmistaja: SkyWatcher
  • Tuotekoodi: 10708
  • Saatavuus: Varastossa
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